Heart full of love

My schedule:

GTM (+2) Sat,Fri 03:00am-10:00am, Mon,Wed,Thu,Tue 9:00-15:00

About me:
Hi, my name is Lillie, let's get to know each other. In my free time, I am fond of drawing, allowing brushes and paints to express my emotions and thoughts on canvas. This is my way of relaxing and expressing myself. Besides painting, I have another passion – singing. I am also interested in tarot and psychology. In general, my hobbies and interests help me broaden my horizons, find inspiration and immerse myself in various aspects of life.


First of all, I ask you not to insult each other. We are all different people with different opinions and views on the world, but this should not turn into insults and disrespect for each other. Let's be tolerant and respectful of the opinions and feelings of other participants.

In addition, I ask you to maintain a friendly atmosphere here. Discussions and exchanges of views are very welcome, but let's do it in peace and mutual understanding. If you have disagreements, let's look for compromises and find common points of view, rather than building walls of division.


My broadcast was created so that we can communicate and share opinions, and I hope that each of you will respect these rules.

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